Humiliation 36
Fireworks of humiliation!

The battered slave Joschi has to clean the toilet with his toothbrush on the orders of his mistress Bizarrlady Jessica. He has to clean the shit off different men, he tells him. Joschi answers: "Yes, my divine empress!" And obeys the orders obediently. Lady Jessica gives him clear instructions and orders on where to clean the brush and verbally kills him all the time. She hits him on the head with the toilet brush and massages his hair with the dirty toilet brush. And then the bizarre fetish lady comes up with a more cruel fantasy to humiliate him. She orders him to brush his teeth with the toothbrush. Joschi obediently brushes his teeth with the toothbrush totally soiled by the toilet and looks into the camera, which everyone can see. The divine empress spits it in vigorously again, as a replacement for the toothpaste. Then she takes a toilet cleaner and pours some of it onto the toothbrush as pasta. And at her command, Joschi now has to keep brushing his teeth. The lady cleans the last remains in his mouth with the toilet broom. Finally, she presses his head deep into the toilet bowl and lets the flush down.

Humiliation 36

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