Humiliation 34
Soup from the toilet bowl with piss!

Bizarr Lady Jessica cooks a soup and realizes that it is already on fire again. But it's always good enough for her domestic pig Joschi. She calls him over and asks if he's hungry. Joschi says yes and the divine empress leaves the kitchen with the pot. Joschi follows her and immediately goes on her knees. Lady Jessica goes to the toilet with the pot, Joschi guesses what will follow. She pours the soup from the pot straight into the toilet bowl. Joschi then starts spooning the soup out of the toilet bowl with a large spoon. "Enjoy your meal!" Lady Jessica tells him and Joschi thanks him for the honor of a soup that was so wonderfully arranged for him. When asked if he likes it, he only replies with "Yes, my goddess!". As soon as he has eaten everything from the mussel, she pours soup out of the pot again. Then she says: "Could it be that I forgot some salt in the soup?" And while Joschi continues to eat well, Jessica stands wide-legged over the toilet seat and tells him that he is about to get his salt. Then, like a waterfall, she pees her bladder into the toilet bowl. The yellow of her piss mixes with the yellow of the soup and Joschi has to continue eating. Like a real gourmet, Joschi spooned the piss into the soup. Finally, the divine empress pushes his head deep into the shell and lets the flush down with his head inside.

Humiliation 34

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