Golden Shower 27
Bizarr Lady Jessica catches her slave Joschi as he wants to wash himself in her bathtub. The divine empress is outraged that he is trying to clean himself in her tub and not wash in the river, as is the case for a slave like him. On top of that, she discovers that Joschi hasn't cleaned the toilet, so she hits him with the toilet brush. And as punishment because the sadistic mistress cannot sit down on the dirty toilet with her majestic ass, Joschi's drinking glass must now be used for her piss. The bizarre fetish queen puts one leg on the tub and pees in his champagne glass. At her command, Joschi has to drink up the full piss glass. And after Joschi has emptied the glass full of her piss with a sip, he immediately gets another one filled by her as a replenishment.

Golden Shower 27

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